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January 23, 2018


There is a craze, fo sho! We want greater, thicker, lengthier lashes now! Some are going through great extents to create just that. Using chemicals, glue, magnets, adhesives, extensions and mucho time and money! Trends may come and go, but maintaining the overall health and condition can stay. Keeping with my natural, result oriented philosophy I discovered Lashfood & Browfood. My personal results didn't yield that of some other brands (I swear I sometimes want to tape people's lashes out of my way while I wax 'dem brows!), but I had complete peace of mind.



During the process of the first 12 wks of using this product I didn't feel that I was noticing a difference. Thank goodness for photos! My biggest difference was my brows, they were fuller, smoother, with new growth emerging. I admittedly am not always on it with the nightly application for both the enhancers these days but have fallen in love with their Conditioning Mascara and Brow Enhancing Gelfix. As a matter of fact they are the only 2 cosmetics I use these days! They don't flake or smudge and still have a nano-peptide complex to support the health of my lashes and brows.

You see, this brand is the world's first and only ecocert certified lash/brow enhancer. Created by a team of cosmetic scientists, this breakthrough, powerful formula is clinically demonstrated to provide the appearance of longer, thicker lashes and to support frail and brittle lashes to appear healthy and strong. Enjoy visibly different, stunning lashes. Infused with Phyto-Medic complex, the LashFood eyelash enhancing system delivers nutrients to feed lashes with nature's most powerful ingredients.

In a 16-week consumer study (individual results may vary):

  • 85% noticed an improvement in eyelash fullness

  • 100% noticed an improvement in eyelash length

  • 100% noticed an improvement in eyelash density

  • 0% noticed irritation

    Check out this video for additional info!


Do you have a lash/brow health ritual? Tried castor oil or other beauty remedies? Do share!

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