product profile: nourishing lavender milk

November 30, 2017



Nourishing Lavender Milk

Ingredients: soy oil, calendula, witch hazel, lavender essential oil, beeswax, lecithin, borax, xanthan gum

Soy oil works as a carrier oil to soothe the skin. Calendula one of the most powerful of all the skin-repairing herbs or flowers is used to promote fast healing of wounds, scars, or burns. It is Farmaesthetics' number one herb for restoring and restructuring damaged skin. Used to treat dry mature or troubled skin. Also, to treat the ravages of eczema, psoriasis, and other conditions traditionally treated with prescription drugs.


Witch hazel tightens loose tissue and is an effective astringent and toning agent. Lavender oil is best summed up as a calming, soothing, and above all balancing oil. Beeswax is a perfect natural preservative in herbal preparations. It contains its own antibacterial agents that work with the other complex constituents of the wax, to speed healing of the skin. It is a perfect protectant, sealing in moisture while binding active herbal ingredients to the skin, so as to maximize the herb's healing benefits. Lecithin is derived from soy oil. It is high in B vitamins and prevents oil from separating from the liquid ingredients. Xanthan gum, derived from corn syrup is used as a natural thickening agent.

I appreciate that this is indeed milky but works as well as any cream on dry skin! Being waterless I have complete control over it's moisture level- I apply over wet, freshly washed skin in the am and over completely dry skin in the pm. Nourishing is the perfect way to describe this product. I frequently share that it's been nature's neosporin to my skin, healing blemishes and dryness alike!

What has been your experience with this restorative lotion?

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