honing your feminine

June 20, 2017


The masculine & the feminine exist in all around us, as well as within each of us. Each serving it's purpose in our day-to-day, able to be called forth as needed. That said, more often than not, our energy aligns to our sex, male or female. As a woman in today's society/culture it is easy to call upon our masculine more and more & to become disconnected from the feminine. (Speaking from a single parent, business owner, where I myself am the business.) This can result in a multitude of different symptoms: physical dis-ease/menstrual & otherwise, negative self-talk, detachment from body, increasing conflict with self, events, others. Our feminine energy thrives & life flows seamlessly when we connect & create. We exude love, light and radiance.




Connecting to ones self & listening. The power of a woman's intuition exist from her body's cues, hearing what your body is telling you. We possess a killer ability to multi-task, keeping our minds in constant use. It's possible for us to imagine numerous events, possibilities, actions, outcomes simultaneously. Some if not all of these can even bring about or play on different emotions that we may feel as a reality while contemplating. We're beautiful dynamic beings. Our moments, thoughts & feelings as fleeting or as powerful as a breeze. Yet being in our heads can be exhausting and does not serve to balance our mind-body connection (and sometimes our relationships with those closest to us).


Developing rituals to bring you into your body can be very helpful to bring about the feminine. Breathe deeply. When was the last time you took a full breath? That in itself can ignite the calm serenity that is so rightly ours. Now, to move the body with intention, many physical activities could do. I prefer to move in playful ways that utilize my hips (hula-hooping & dancing). One may feel most in herself doing yoga, swaying to a tribal beat or spinning, gliding, poised and graceful like a ballerina. Other ways to bring yourself to your body are self-loving rituals. Touching, feeling, massaging ourselves. A powerful process I began years back was to massage myself toe-shoulder with coconut oil pre-shower. I took that a step further by speaking aloud my gratitude for each part of me I touched.


My toes, grounding and balancing this body.

My feet carrying me through each day, allowing me to experience life fully and freely.

My legs giving me the ability to climb, jump, carry, to stand firm. Thanking whom & whatever bestowed me with these curves.

It wouldn't be feminine of me to not express the love of my vulva & vagina! Allowing me to experience intense pleasure, connection, to give & receive life, the portal of all who are.

My core, and all it entails. My circulatory system giving me existence, my excretory system ridding me what doesn't serve me, my respiratory system providing the breath of life, taking in this sweet oxygen. All and every part working together to renew each spectacular cell of my body.

My spine and nervous system allowing me every sensation.

My breasts that bring pleasure and nourishment.

My arms and hands for their ability to bring knowledge, fuel, love, nurturing care to myself and all around me.

This body that carries this soul, this face that allows me to connect and share this soul with others.


This ritual is so incredibly powerful that I can be moved to tears each and every time. If you wish to be present, this brings you here. If you wish to negate negative self-talk, this is a great start.


Other ways to bring about your feminine are

-reading of us & our power through books like the one pictured above. Another favorite of mine is, "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" by Christiane Northrup M.D.

-visiting nature wherever you may

-celebrating your cycle with teas, ease, and/or a yoni steam (herbs pictured above) Having a uterus and all the other components of our reproductive system can be a lot of responsibility and a challenge, especially in our youth. Yet it is the very thing that separating the X from the Y. Seek if at all possible to see the POWER within you because you are divine, woman, and a creator. Quite simply, no one can do you like you can do! (again Christiane Northrup's book listed above as well as Lucy H. Pearce)


-art that brings about your joy of being a woman,

Top, left-right: Wand by RA Moonhawk, Meditation by Yellow Springs artist Chris Glaser

Bottom, left-right: See the Light by Kathryn Gorney,  Lea Gray Designs


While we have now gotten beyond connecting with oneself the next best way to cultivate the feminine is to connect with other women. Surround and immerse yourself in female friends, family, co-workers, clients, etc. We all have a different energy about us. We may develop further by connecting with a female we admire or even one with whom we have little in common or even resist a bit. It's not a challenge to befriend all. It is an invitation to craft and hone the energy that makes you feel your best. Among women we are immediately seen, heard, understood, acknowledged in a way we are not with the opposite sex. It's a treat to share and relate in a compare and contrast culture. To support and be supported, to uplift and be lifted.


Connecting with the outdoors, tending to plants, and animals fuels a primal feminine essence. It connects us with the the earth and it's bounty.




The other tool I mentioned was creating. All I've listed thus far will require some level of creation even if it's just time. But here I speak into our natural inclination to create, the energy that pervades from the ovaries. Yes, it may well be a desire to create and give birth but it needn't be in a literal or anatomical sense. I've never met a woman that hasn't created something beautiful. Whether it's the space within your home or your aquarium, planting & pruning, art, song, writing, meals, braids and twists. Create and relish in the beauty of what you have created.


What are some of your favorite things about you? What are attributes of the women you admire? In what way do you most enjoy moving your body? What are some of your favorite works that inspire and excite you about being a woman? Do tell!



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