February 28, 2017

During a  difficult time in my life I found the intense desire to be outdoors, it was a comfort. The coolness of the crisp air, a welcome reminder of life & the seasons of change. It'd feel like a big easy breath, ahhh elation. I would especially gravitate toward trees. They brought me such peace that I would  position myself in my home so that I would have the pleasure of viewing them at nearly every opportunity. Falling asleep gazing at the moon through the trees, or awaking with the light of moon or sun on my face filtered through it's branches.


I started pondering trees even more. All they do, provide, how they sustain. I jokingly started asking myself WWTD? (what would trees do?) I found the answers extremely helpful! Trees give & provide always, oxygen, shade, safe haven for critters. They never stop growing, reaching skyward. They shed what they no longer need, leaves in each season, bark continually as they grow. They take in and weather the seasons- sunshine, rain, heavy winds and snow. Each allowing growth in some capacity. The hardships of a tree allow it to resist, persist, growing it's roots- further establishing itself. Even the times that look like moments of weakness or death it's retaining it's nutrients and slowly taking in the water of melted snow. Those branches broken or fallen in storm, it is ridding itself of weak spots such is the nature of nature. All the while it is completely beautiful & perfect. As are we.


I love this image from Karen Salmansohn of notsalmon.com







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