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November 29, 2016


Some time ago an e-mail was sent to guests letting them know I'd be updating & establishing testimonials by x-date if they wish to contribute. Today, I received this:




-------- Original message --------

From: Awesome Client

Date:10/13/2016 4:09 PM (GMT-05:00)

To: leah@adeleah.com

Subject: Testimonial that is nearly a month late ... Maybe it is not usable, but hopefully you still enjoy it


Visiting Leah is one of the few things in life that always centers me and leaves me feeling more at peace, more relaxed and with a better perspective on just enjoying the day to day ... putting aside all of the noise that pollutes the edges of life. 


A perfect example of this was my last visit.  I had contacted Leah and set up an appointment.  I arrived around what I thought to be ten minutes early.  However, I was actually ten minutes and one week early.  Wires had got crossed and in verifying when I'd be there, I just looked at the time and not the date.  These minor details ...  Well, anyway, upon opening the door to her studio and seeing me, an intruding man reading a women's magazine, Leah was not confused or frustrated that this chronically disorganized, occasionally late person had struck again.  She was simply excited to me.  She glanced at her clock, considered her schedule and realized that this could work.  (In another life, Leah would be a remarkable fighter jet  pilot ... surveying the sky and calmly firing missiles ... think Val Kilmer from Top Gun but as a far better listener and with less ego.)  The appointment went well and I am looking forward to my next appointment and writing down the time ... and the date. 


Also, as one additional quick note, I find the tenor of her voice to be extremely soothing.  I enjoy the conversation itself, but I also feel additionally Zen-ed by her voice.  During my appointments, I am on my stomach, eyes closed, and if her voice was not as crisp as it is, I do not know that the effect would be quite as perfect.


Thank you for the kind words! Always great to hear of one's experience, especially with a little humor ta' boot!






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