flowing into fall

September 29, 2016


The ambiance I am currently bringing into my life and my space at work is simple, sweet, & supportive. Above are a few of my favorite things bringing ease & beauty.


Plants are a passion of mine! I feel ever connected to the earth and all it's beauty as I tend to these lovely gifts. Air plants more specifically are easy to care for and transformative in any space without all the care of soil, pots, and replanting. Of course, they do require regular misting and a good soak. At home they are hanging in strands of fish line in my sunny window. Here they are grounded in earth born wares, an urchin shell and a thrift store sandstone find!


Triloka Premium Incense in amber doesn't offend even the most sensitive guest! It is known to be soothing, calming, and encouraging. The warm scent lights me up whether the weather be balmy or cool. Light it & it's scent will linger for hours.


Complexion Conserve is one of many Farmaesthetics facial care products I carry. I find this treating me well with changing weather. It's an herbal serum that is firming. It supports the skin's natural repair process, minimizing pigmentation & inflammation. For me that means less of a mark post-blemish. My main goal in my own skin, as well as my approach with others is bringing it to it's natural healthy balance (vs. altering/treating it). All of this line's products align with that mission simple, natural, sustainable & dun dun dun dunnnnn effective.


It took me years to develop a liking for tea. Yogi Tea is by far my favorite! Each ingredient enlivens the flavor and is purposeful with the the package describes. The function of this particular one, Green Tea Kombucha is to support immune & digestive function, along with overall health. I like to keep both the regular and decaf on hand. I had yet to enjoy a cup of green without adding to it until this combination was in my cup! There exist the perfectly concocted: Green Tea Leaf, Lemongrass, Spearmint Leaf, Natural Passion Fruit Flavor, Natural Plum Flavor and Kombucha. I love to sip on the warmth & stay hydrated with the cool, dry weather. Replenishing my skin, honoring my wellness. Made all the better with another thrift find, my vintage federated glass Leo mug.


Surround yourself with what you love, what inspires you & pleases your senses- and do share!

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